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Communities in Gros Morne
About 1 hour 20 minutes from Deer Lake and 8 minutes from St. Paul's you will come to the most northern town in Gros Morne National Park, Cow Head. Cow Head plays host to the Lobster Festival each summer.  If you are looking for a Lobster Dinner with the "works" or local entertainment check it out.  The town has a website at www.cowhead.ca with an abundant of information for tourists to the area. Also in Cow Head is Shallow Bay Beach. On this 10 kilometre beach, swimming, walking, clam digging and mussel picking is for all to enjoy. Make a visit on a sunny afternoon or late into the evening. Adjacent to the beach is Shallow Bay Campgrounds.  If you are in to camping, enjoy the beach, and relax after just minutes away.   Use the provided telescope to look for terns. Watch out for wildlife which is abundant throughout the park. Also while in Cow Head, visit the "Head".  This was originally the summer residence for local fishermen.  In your visit, feel the ocean which is just metres away from you.  See local fishermen, as boats enter and leave the harbour. Watch local fishermen do their work. Take a walk along the trail to the Lighthouse. This Lighthouse still stands as it did in 1909.  When you reach the end of the trail, take in the breath taking view of the ocean. Looking for Bed & Breakfast accommodations? Check out Seabreeze Bed & Breakfast, Bayview Bed & Breakfast or J & J Hospitality. Seabreeze Bed & Breakfast also has RV Hookup available. If you are looking for Hotel/Cabin accommodations, check out Shallow Bay Motel. On your way to or from the "Head", drop in the Back Cove Cafe for a coffee or a lunch. Adjacent to the Back Cove Cafe, visit the Dr. Henry Payne Museum.  If you are looking for local crafts, check out out Shears' Salmon Flies and Crafts. Cow Head is also the home to Gros Morne Flights.  If you want to see Gros Morne Park and the Long Range Mountains from a different elevation, check out Gros Morne Flights. For more information feel free to call the council office at 709-243-2446
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