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Communities in Gros Morne
As you travel Route 431 to Woody Point and Trout River, you will pass through the communities of Shoal Brook, Birchy Head and Glenburnie.  These communities are your first view of Bonne Bay from the South side. As you travel through these communities along a winding road, you feel very close to the ocean on your left as the mountains loom on your left. While in Glenburnie, visit The McKenzie Brook Picnic Area. This is a day use park that offers kitchen shelter, picnic areas, and a fishing brook for visitors to enjoy. The quietness of the Picnic Area will be a relaxing stop to or from the rest of the South Side of the Bonne Bay area. The newest accommodations in Shoal Brook is the Red Mantle Lodge, a lodge with very fine accommodations. In Shoal Brook, you'll also find The Water's Edge RV Campgound.  The Water's Edge RV Campground features Tent Camping, as well as RV Camping.  From the Campground, you will have a great view of the ocean and the mountains surrounding it.  While camping at The Water's Edge RV Campground, expect to see whales as they travel throughout Bonne Bay. For more information feel free to call the council office at 709-453-7220
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