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Communities in Gros Morne
About 25 minutes after leaving Wiltondale and heading north on Route 430, you will come to the intersection that brings you to the town of Norris Point. As you enter Norris Point, you have to descend a steep hill. From this view you will see a very picturesque view of the town and surrounding area. Follow the road through town and on to the end of town where you will come to Bonne Bay with a northern view.  Visit the Marine Centre to get a feel for preservation of local marina. The town gets it's name from Neddy Norris, the first white man to settle the area.  Needy Norris is celebrated in music and songs at the Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador Theatre presentation of Neddy Norris Night. While in Norris Point make sure you take in Norris Point Lookout and the Heritage House which will leave you with breathtaking views of the town as well as the Tablelands. Make sure that you visit the Bonne Bay Marine Station and find out more about their Interactive Aquarium Tours. If you are looking for Accommodations, you might want to check out The Tides Inn, Sugar Hill Inn, Big Garden Cottages, Burnthill Cottages, Neddies Harbour Inn, Gros Morne Tourist Apartments, or the Perfect Getaway. If you want RV Camping check out Gros Morne KOA  Bontours offers three boat tours which originate from Norris Point.  All of them will leave you with an experience of a lifetime. Norris Point is also the home of Atlantic Canada Adventures and Gros Morne Adventures. If you are in to Adventure Travel, either of these companies can provide you with a nature tour to suit your request, whether it is a one day or a week. For more information feel free to call the council office at 709-458-2896
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